The 1 Thing you Must Have to Get a Fuckbuddy

In sports, the confident athletes who walk around with an assured look on their face always seem to win. They play well, look like they know what they're doing, and they approach every game with a plan to win.

If you approach potential hookups with that kind of confidence, you can be just as successful as those athletes, only in bed. If you want to get a fuck buddy, and all the perks that come with a sex buddies, confidence is the one thing you need.

Confidence captures peoples' attention, and those people tend to stand out amongst the crowd; just look at Kobe, LeBron, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, and many other athletes. If you have an air of confidence about you, people will notice, and this could go a long way in the fuck buddy department.

Most of us lack that type of confidence or self-assuredness, but it can be attained if you work at it, but discovering your confidence isn't easy. Luckily for you, I have a little secret regarding confidence that I'm willing to share.

I've unlocked the athlete's keys to confidence, and wrapped them up in an easily memorable acronym: APP. Below we are going to break down all three parts, and before long you'll have fuck buddies aplenty.

One way athletes gain confidence is through natural ability; when their skill set shines, they play much better and it's clear their confidence is on another level. One way for you to attain confidence is through your natural appearance , the first letter in APP.

If you want to find a fuck buddy for the night, you'll need to look good . Athletes make their strengths outweigh their weaknesses, and in your case, you should do the same.

Kyrie Irving plays to his strengths in order to dominate opponents, and if you really want to bring somebody home for the night, you should play to yours too. Wear an outfit that makes you look 100 percent bangable, and your chances of success will increase dramatically.

If you just got off work and are headed to a bar, go back to your place to change, and get yourself in the right mindset - remember, getting a fuck buddy is all about confidence. Put on a dash of cologne (or perfume) and wear your best outfit for the occasion. Don't stand out too much, but look good enough so you capture your mark's attention. Whether you're headed to the bar or just using a fuck book app be sure you look your best.

Now we move on to the first "P" in APP - planning. Before each match, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has a plan of action for what he's going to do in order to win; if he came into a match without some kind of plan, he might not have an impact on the match and his side could lose.

Cristiano is one of the greatest footballers who will ever live, but even he needs to approach each match with a plan. You are not CR7, and you definitely need to approach each night with a plan; the least you can do is visualize what is going to happen, and figure out how you'll react to any given situation.

For example, imagine getting a rejection when you approach somebody; how are you going to react? The way you react to their denial could actually lead to you bringing them home - if you come back with something witty, they may be pleasantly surprised by your confidence and want to learn more about such an interesting, original person.

Are you going to use pickup lines, or are you going to play it organically, using your skills as a conversationalist? Having a plan that you're going to stick to will make this rough task seem far less daunting; when you head out to the bar with friends and try to pick someone up, chances are you'll fail, but if you take time to visualize and plan, your self-confidence can attract many people who'd be down to head back to your place.

Winging it is best for those who are at their best when they're on the fly- if you have no plan and approach someone, you could very well end up choking and totally foil any chances of success. To prevent yourself from having one of those moments, think about what you'll say to whoever you're interested in, and go over a few different intros and try to steer the conversation in a direction that gets you laid.

Finally, we have the second "P" in APP: practice. Like it or not, practice does make perfect.

Practice sucks, and most of us hate doing it. Practicing pickup lines isn't very fun and the success-rate is beyond dismal, but if you want to find a fuck buddy, you'll need to practice.

Practicing to find a fuck buddy can be tough, but it's what you gotta do in order to get one; there isn't a fuck buddy tree we can all pick from at our leisure. What makes this kind of practice so painful is rejection; even the thought of it can prevent most of us from ever trying to find a fuck buddy, but you can't let that stop you.

Once you give it a shot, even if it doesn't work out, now you have a taste of what it takes, and you already increased your chances of getting lucky the next time out. When you see some guy leave a bar with a lady in his arm, don't get jealous or think about how much tail that dude gets; chances are his success rate isn't much better than yours.

Just by putting yourself out there, you increase the likelihood that you'll go home with someone who really wants to sleep with you, but it's that first step that scares most people. This is essential if you want to find a friend with benefits You look hot, and you've made a plan of action or thought about various situations and your reactions to them; what's stopping you now?

You may not be sure of yourself and you may not be the hottest tool in the shed, but if you are confident, people will gravitate towards you, and some of those people will want to get into your pants. If you get your APP in order, the confidence will come, and before long, so will you.

The 1 Thing you Must Have to Get a Fuckbuddy
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