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Ultimate Fuckbook Review (Read Before You Join)

FuckBook doesn’t play around; it’s not SFW, even if you just want to take a peek. It’s a place to fuck, and nudes of beautiful women are displayed as their profile picture on the front page. So be aware if you’re gonna dive into it looking for fun, because you’re gonna find it.

A little bit of backgorund: FuckBook is the Facebook of sex sites, a site for casual encounters, not for finding your soulmate, or even dating. It was created in 2009 and has more than 15 millions of users all over the world. Even more, in 2014, it won the XBiz Dating Site of the Year and the YNOT Best Newcomer of the Year awards, and I totally get why. It is the biggest x-rated social network, and it is there for more than chatting.

First Impression

At the front page you get a very sexy blonde waiting for you to register (a very easy and straightforward process). You write down you age, gender, and what you’re looking for, add your email (the fake one ;) ) and you are in. We recommend that you verify your email, since it has a pretty decent search feature to avoid fake profiles, and verification is one of the steps.

Once you’re in, you will find all kind of naughty women with filthy pictures in a very facebook-like page style. Nobody seems to feel ashamed, and that is great because you are there to fuck, not to play “dating” (although you have that option, if that’s what you’re looking for). If you enjoy the flirting and teasing side of some websites, you might find it vulgar. But it is a meet and fuck place so, what did you expect?

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and allows you to customize your profile A LOT, if you really want. Although it is not required and it doesn’t have tons of questions like other places (*cof cof* we are looking at you, OKCupid).


Just like Instafuck, Fuckbook has several features that resemble the big social network such as online chat, feed, blog posts, add friends, and others. But what it is more interesting and enticing, are the exclusive features that it has:

— Couples: It’s swinger friendly! So you can find for couples and add them to your Hot List or as your friends.

—Blog post: keep up with your friends desires and fantasies through their posts and feed tab, which also allows you tu upload very naughty pictures and leave comments, just like on Facebook.

— Live Cams: for some extra action when you want to get on but don’t get off your phone.

—Karma: Who needs a little bit of that? So, depending on your behaviour and activity, and by following the rules, you can acquire a gold, silver or bronze crown that will display on your profile. That indicates your reputation on the site, and it will help you to find other people that are active and engaged in the community.

Whenever you’re searching for somebody to hookup with, you have a wide array of choices to help you find your match. First of all, you have the basics: age range, sex, and location. But you can also choose “On the site for”, where you will find options like casual sex, online fun, friends, or to teach and be taught.

There are other fields such as “Relationship”, “Ethnicity”, “Income” and others, but the real fun are the fetishes ;) Take a look!

Who would want to miss that? With such a big list of options, you are going to find somebody that shares your interests for sure.


In Fuckbook you will find two kinds of accounts: free and Premium. It’s that easy.

Your free account will let you create a profile, upload pictures, search for other users according to your location (although you can adjust it, in case you are traveling abroad), and access the sections Matches and Live Cams. You can also send friend requests and see who has been peeking at your profile.

The Premium account is where the fun starts. It will allow you to exchange unlimited messages, activate the Karma function, navigate without advertisements annoying you, and the Premoum badge.

The prices are very easy. You can either try it for one month for 29.95$, or select the three months option for 14.95$ per month in one charge of 44.85$. Then you will proceed to the payment method, where you can choose your credit card and introduce all the required information for the billing process.

Just be careful because when you’re paying you will see the following option already selected: «Sign me up for another subscription to Fuckbook.tv Premium Videos at a price of $1.95 for 3 days then $39.99 recurring every 30 days.» Read it carefully and decide if it’s something you would like to add to the package.


Fuckbook is more than a dating website. It’s a social media place filled with hot and sexy people wanting to have some fun and get laid. It is great to meet REAL people that don't look like fake supermodels, and something great is that the website itself displays which profiles are created by themselves, so you can be aware of the boots. That is actually really smart in comparison to other websites where they just try to trick you very convincingly.

For that price, we can say it’s a pretty standard subscription with a lot of potential. You can search around with your free profile, make it look nice and see if somebody wants to connect with you even BEFORE paying. That way you can weigh your commitment and see if it’s worth it.


Apparently the website is filled with advertisements. However, with the use of Adblock or similar extensions we were able to navigate just fine. The only weird thing we notices was the additional links to external sites that we assume they are affiliated with Fuckbook. For example, in the sidebar there is an option that reads: Find Love, and it links to Loveaholics.

It also doesn’t include a good matching algorithm. They basically show you the people that are closeby and that falls in the categories you have previously selected. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning since other sites are way popular for that.

Conclusions and Rating

Overall, Fuckbook is way more than just a dating site. It’s a social network where you can be naughty, sexy, or filthy, and have fun with like-minded friends. And if you are a regular and work up your profile a little bit, you have really good chances to get laid ;)

It is a way to keep the spark lit and not feel ashamed of sex and tabus. It might seem vulgar or over the top to some people, very much like a porn site, but the freedom and openness you can enjoy there can actually be a plus if you are just looking for a quick hookup or to exchange some nude pictures.

We give Fuckbook a 4.2 stars! Very well done.