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Ultimate InstaBang Review (Read Before You Join)

If you search up 'InstaBang review,' which is likely how you came across this article, you'll see that the results are conflicting. Some people will tell you that InstaBang is the most amazing site they've ever used, and others will say that it's the worst and that it's a scam.

But with so many clashing reviews, who do you believe?

That's why we've set out to debunk the myths and bring you the facts of what InstaBang really is, if it's worth joining, and just how free it is to use, and whether or not it's worth the extra money.

Here's everything you need to know about InstaBang, and you can decide if you want to join the site or not.

First Impression


When you first log onto InstaBang, it's easy to see why some people would automatically label the site a scam. But, you can never really judge something based off looks, right?

Granted, it looks a little outdated. But just because it looks like an old dating/hookup site from the early 2000s doesn't mean it's a scam. If you're looking for a more modern interface like Tinder or Instafuck, Instabang isn't for you.

The background grid of women's profiles is enough to make you want to sign up. But any smart user of the internet will ask themselves if they're real women. Some of the pictures might seem too good to be true, but the only way to know is to sign up and see for yourself.

So that's what I did.

One thing InstaBang does get right is the sign-up process. They make it easy for you to locate the sign-up area by placing it on their homepage, in a big box to the right side of the screen.

You'll notice that both singles and couples can join the site, so be prepared to find threesomes, swingers, and more on these sex sites.

After inputting more basic information on yourself, like your zip code, age, and e-mail address, you can start setting up your profile by adding a photo, setting your display name, and setting your preferences.

That is, what you're looking for (members with photos or members near you), age range, and your interests, including experimenting, friends with benefits, threesomes, and more.

One thing I will say about InstaBang is it's not for the prude. It's a hookup site, so naturally, there's a lot of porn posted by members showing off their nudes and posting explicit videos, but there is a safemode you can turn on or off.

There's a lot of sections on this site, so let's go through what they are and what features they contain.


InstaBang has a lot of features to its site that it's almost overwhelming. In the 'Home' area of the website, the landing page after you log-in, there's a lot to click through. You can start a search right away by entering who you are (man, woman, transexual, or couple) and who you're looking for, their age range, and what zip code you'd like them to be near.

You can also play a "Who's Cute" game and rate users based on their profile pictures, send flirts to introduce yourself to members, preview live streams, and see new members in your area.

The next tab in the navigation bar, located at the top, is the 'Search' area.

Here, you can perform more advanced searches for members, including things like eye color, body type, religion, what they're interested in, etc. You can also check out popular users, who's online now, who's viewed you, and new users.

Another quick way to check who's visited your profile s to look at the 'Activity Center' sidebar on your right side, where you can view all your activity.

Next, the 'Online Now' tab directs you to users who are currently online so that whenever you're in the mood to chat and want a quick response, you can pick someone from there and get talking.

There's also a group chat option where you can chat with multiple members on one thread.

Lastly, there's a 'Trending Now' page where you can view trending photos, videos, and play a 'Swipe Game,' which is basically like Tinder's swipe feature.


There are a few things you can throw your coins at on InstaBang. For starters, you can purchase credits to add to your profile and use them for Live Cams.

Secondly, you can upgrade your profile to a 'Featured Profile,' which gets you featured on the homepage for all users, displays your profile at the top of all search results and gets you 20 times more views to your profile.

Lastly, you can purchase a membership to the site which lets you upgrade to either a Silver or Gold Membership.

The Silver membership starts at $24.95 on a monthly basis, or you can purchase a 12-month subscription for $99,95; similarly, the Gold membership is $34.95 for a monthly subscription, or $119.95 for 18 months of use.

You can also purchase a two-day trial of the Gold membership for one dollar.


I like the fact that InstaBang reviews every profile to make sure no one is uploading pictures that aren't of them. If you try to upload an image to your profile that is from the web or doesn't show your face, they will remove it, which helps weed out fake profiles.

Also, you can't message anyone if you don't have a photo on your profile.

There's also a lot of fun features you can use to chat with members, and to my surprise, there's a lot of them. It may seem like a more obscure adult dating site with little members, but you won't get bored browsing through all the profiles.

I also enjoy the fact that there's a safemode so you can do a little more SFW browsing, although I wouldn't necessarily recommend using the site in public.


The site itself is a bit cluttered. It can be hard to figure out where everything is the first few times you use InstaBang.

Other than that, I think InstaBang has a lot of things to do that keeps you busy and meeting new people. It's effective at its job of introducing you to horny singles and couples, but it's up to you to do the work to meet them in person.

Conclusions and Rating

After a few weeks of using InstaBang, I came to the conclusion that it's an adult dating site worth checking out. There are lots of horny women on here that are super eager to chat with other members.

Depending where you live, you can probably even meet up with some of them - I did.

Don't miss out on all the fucking opportunities InstaBang can give you by signing up today. I promise you won't regret it. I give InstaBang 4/5 stars.