Are You Real BFFs? Best Free Quiz

By InstaFuck

Too affectionate?

Do you show a significant amount of physical affection with each other?

We barely even hug Don't all BFFs?


Do you ever find yourself getting jealous over them? Or them over you?

No Yes

Fantasizing about them

Have you ever had a wet dream about them?

No, I haven't Yes, it caught me by surprise

Don't want to hear about dates

Do you notice they roll their eyes when you talk about other people you date?

No, they don't really care Yeah, I've seen it happen

Drunk Truths

When you're drunk together do you feel differently about them? Do you touch differently, or have you even heard them say 'I like you?'

No? Something like that's happened

Blah, blah, blah

Does everyone tell you that you guys talk about each other too much?

Nope We get it all the time

How often do you see them?

Do you guys go out of your way to see each other often? Even if you're busy?

Not really, we get pretty busy All the time

The greatest tell-all...

Do you get butterflies about them?

That doesn't really happen Yes, constantly

It's noticeable

Have other people also noticed there might be something more? That is, is it apparent to everyone else that you have feelings for each other?

No one's ever said anything Yeah, I've been told

Ever ALMOST kissed?

Has there ever been an "almost" moment, where you nearly kissed, or felt something between you two?

No, never Yeah, it was intense


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