Are You Bi-Sexual? Try This Quiz

By InstaFuck

On a scale of 1 to 10...

How likely are you to flirt with someone of the same sex?

1 - That's not me 10 - I go after what I want

Have You Ever...

Fantasized about the same sex?

Hasn't happened to me It was the best wet dream ever

Do you see yourself...

Being in a relationship with someone of the same sex, or just hooking up with them?

I just want the sex I wouldn't mind it

What would you do if...

An attractive person of the same sex started flirting with you?

Shut it down immediately See where it goes

Do you ever...

Get as nervous around someone you like of the same sex as you would with someone of the opposite sex?

No, why would I? All the time

Who do you check out more...

Members of the opposite sex or the same sex?

Opposite sex for sure Why not both?

Have you found yourself...

Attracted to several different people of the same sex, or is it just one in specific?

I only think about one person I've been attracted to others

Have you ever...

Gone on a date with the same sex?

No Yes

Has your attraction ever...

Come to the point where you engaged in a sexual act with the same sex?

I've never felt it that strong I couldn't control myself

Are you ready...

To find out the answer?

I'm nervous Yes, tell me!


You could be bisexual. But to really know for yourself, you have to try.

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