Quiz for Couples? Try These

By InstaFuck

Length of Your Relationship

Have you been together for more than 3 months?

Not yet... And still going strong!

How You Met

Did you meet in a wholesome way, or was it more like you met at a party and got together afterwards?

Definitely more raunchy Wholesome


Do you know their birthday? Do they know YOUR birthday?

Come to think of it...no Of course


Do you do more than have sex?

No, we only hang out to fuck Yes, we go out a lot together


Could you see yourself introducing them to your family? Would they approve?

Don't think so In the future, yeah


How often do you guys text each other?

Well, they're pretty busy so.. Any time throughout the day

Are Looks Everything?

Are you attracted to them for more than just their looks?

They're just nice to look at I love their personality too

Exs and Os

Do they still talk about their ex with you? Or other people they see?

No! Ugh, yes

Getting Personal

Are you involved in his personal life? Is he involved in yours?

Not really Yes, we share all of our drama

Most Importantly...

Do you cuddle even if there's no sex?

Uhh, no? We LOVE to cuddle!


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