Crush or Lust? Ultimate Quiz

By InstaFuck


Be honest - do you feel overly excited about them and completely infatuated, even though you barely know them?

I want a relationship Okay, yeah kind of...


How many dates have you been on?

Dates? A few!

Is it the Dick?

When you think about them, do you think about their personality and how much you like them, or do you only think about the dick?

Okay, but the dick though... Nah, it's deeper than that

Talking About Them

How soon did you start telling your friends about them? Do you think you talk about them too much?

Not too soon; No Same day I met them; Yes

First Impression

When you first met them, what did you picture first? Dating them or getting in bed with them?

Fucking Dating

Getting to Know Them

Have you had any intimate conversations yet where you learn more about each other? Or do you keep it to small talk?

I don't know much about them Yes, we've had deep convos

Meeting Up

When you see them, is it to hang out or go on dates, or do you just fuck?

We hang out besides fucking We mostly fuck


Do they give you butterflies wehn you think of them?

Only if I think about the sex All the time


Do you ever get nervous around them and don't know what to say?

No? Yes! It's embarrasing

What Do You Really Want?

When you text them wanting to see them, is it because you want to fuck or because you want to hang out with them?

I want to hang out with them I just want to fuck


Looks like its lust. Take your mind off them and lower your obsession by fucking other people.

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