Are You in Love? Ultimate Quiz

By InstaFuck

Staying on your mind

Do you think about them before you go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning?

That's possible? Every day!

Are they intuitive?

How well do they know when you're upset? Can they tell straight away?

They're so boneheaded! They know before I even speak

How much do you care?

Do you worry about them as much as you worry about yourself?

I mean I care, but... Constantly

More important than you know..

Can you recognize their flaws?

No, they're perfect! We're all flawed creatures

Moving in

Thoughts on living together?

It's too early to tell I fantasize about it


Do you still find yourself trying to impress them? Or are you completely yourself?

I'm comfortable being myself I act like someone different

Introducing them

Have they met your friends and family?

Whoa, whoa, whoa...met them? Of course they have!

The Loving Stare

Could you sit and watch them do just about anything?

Why would I do that? For hours

Most important factor

Do you know their Chipotle order?

...Do they even eat Chipotle? Duh!

Last but not least...longevity

Do you imagine a future with them?

Not really I dream about our apartment together


You're not in love. But you could find someone perfect for you.

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