Single Man's Guide to Finding Someone Special

When it comes to casual sex dating, most of us guys are pretty clueless. When it comes to women, all of us guys are clueless.

When you combine dating and women, most guys trip up early on and find very little success in the dating scene. Fortunately, the Internet is a bevy of information, and some of it has to do with dating, while some of it has to do with women.

This part of the web where you are now, though, is a combination of the two: this is a definitive single man's guide to finding someone special. If you want to step up your dating game, this is the place to do it.

There are tons and tons of tips and tricks to help you get a date, but most of them won't work. If you want to find someone special, there are five guidelines all guys need to know, and luckily for you, I've arranged them right here.

Check out the single man's guide for finding someone special below.

  1. Know Where To Look

    A more obvious sign, sticking around after sex is a major clue that they're more into you than they say. Fuck buddy setups are based off of not much more than mutual physical attraction; when you're done having sex, the general rule is the guest of honor leaves the premises.

    If it's been an hour or so since you had sex and you're cuddling or watching TV and chatting, you've gone from fuck buddies to fledgling relationship. If you don't want them to get attached, don't give them the chance to hangout; tell them you've gotta run some errands or go study.

    If you want to find a girlfriend, you'll need to know where to look, or at least have an idea for what you should look for; when you can narrow down the field, dating is a lot easier, as you're not looking around for basically anyone to fill the void. Just like having a measurable goal can help you monitor your progress towards that goal, having an idea for what you want in someone can save you a lot of time and help you focus on finding that special person.

    If you approach dating with the mindset that anyone could be your soulmate, you're making it harder on yourself; think about what you want in a partner, and don't give a second thought to anyone who you feel doesn't fit that description. If the kind of girl you like isn't the type to be seen in a bar, don't go to bars... go where you think she will be!

  2. Know What You Want

    On a similar note, you'll need to have an idea for what you want in a partner; personality, looks, you know, the whole shabangabang. If you have your heart set on a girl who is sweet, kinda shy, and has a good head on her shoulders, you might want to look away from the super drunk girl falling off the mechanical bull and keep an eye out for the girl grabbing a post-work drink in the corner by herself.

    By knowing what you really want in a partner, you can more effectively judge the dating pool and save yourself a ton of time and heartbreak. Of course, you can't narrow the field down to one person, but if you know what kind of girl you want, dating is made a lot easier.

  3. Be Confident, Not Aggressive

    Girls don't mind it when you talk to them, but they do mind when you're being a jerk and you're hitting on them relentlessly. When you walk up to a girl, don't open with something sexual... too many guys think that's appropriate; instead, just give her a nice compliment on something you see related to her, such as her smile, her dress, or if you're peeking at her social media profiles, ask her about something you have in common. Starting off slow is actually the best way to make long term fuck buddies

    Approach girls like you're just interested in a nice chat, and get them to open up; if you have some game and a sense of humor, chances are she will warm up to you, and that's around the time when you should ask her out. The vibe you give off when you make the first approach is important, so don't have that look that's just crying out for sex or companionship; girls aren't going to be attracted to your desperation.

    Now, this doesn't mean you should be the most confident guy in view, but you should have an air of confidence about you. Play it cool and confident, and she'll likely give you her number when you ask.

  4. Be Genuine

    On your first date together, things can be a little awkward, but don't be afraid to show her your true character; if you're funny, make her laugh all night, or draw in her attention with your excellent conversational skills. You might be shy or nervous on the first date, but if you can get both of you to relax and open up, the date will be much more enjoyable and you'll get a better idea about who they really are.

    On first dates, people may hold back on some aspects of their life or personality, but if you think this person could be very special, don't be shy! If you are a great story teller, you're hilarious, or you have tons of things in common, let them know right off the bat!

    If she knows you're the funniest guy she's ever met and you had a great first date, she's going to want to see you more often.

  5. Take The Time To Date

    Dating is made a lot easier when you have other aspects of your life figured out; when you have a steady job, you're able to focus on other things, such as your family, friends or love life. If you lead a hectic, busy existence, dating won't be easy for you, so if finding someone special is a priority to you, you'll need to make some changes in your life. We've all got things to do, and sometimes we put dating into the far reaches of our mind where we can't find it so we can focus on other things. If you really want to find your soulmate, take the time to date.

    Some of people go about their lives and kind of just find themselves in relationships, but most of us guys are not like those people; we actually have to go and search someone out, rather than having them fall in our lap. Chances are you'll go on some first dates that are awkward and not enjoyable, but it's that one date, the one date that goes really well, the one date that becomes a second date, then a third, a fourth, you date because one day, you will find yourself on that date, and it's the last first date you'll ever have.

There's a lot you can do to win a girl over, but they generally all want the same thing: a nice guy who will treat them like a queen, cook them food, tell them they look beautiful, and love them forever. If you can do those things, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a soulmate.

Single Man's Guide to Finding Someone Special
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